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Occupational Health and Safety

To safeguard your health and safety and ensure you are familiar with emergency procedures etc at your place of work it is compulsory for you to undertake an Online OHS induction prior to starting your contract. Your consultant will advise you on how to go about this.

Full details of Your OHS responsibilities can be accessed via the Pinpoint Portal. Please ensure you read through the instructions carefully and let us know if you have any questions.


Please read your employment conditions very carefully. Once you commence an assignment with us you are obliged to abide by the Employment Declaration rules, including maintaining the confidentiality of any information made available to you during your assignment. This also includes your rate of pay.


How do I complete a timesheet?
Online via the Pinpoint Contractor Portal. We will provide you with login details at the start of your contract. To access and complete your timesheet click here

What if I am sick or cannot work?
You will need to inform your line manager as soon as possible, or if you are unable to reach him/her please advise your Pinpoint consultant. If you are unable to make the call please ask a family member or friend to phone on your behalf.

I am a contractor registered as a company. What documents do I need to provide?

  • Evidence of Incorporation
  • Certificates of currency for insurance (e.g. Workers Compensation, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability)

Note: Pinpoint Talent only engages candidates as independent Contractors through a company, trust or partnership. We do not engage Sole Traders.

How do I get paid and how long will it take for funds to clear into my account?
Payment is made by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) fortnightly (unless otherwise agreed). Please allow 24-48 hours for the funds to appear in your account.

When is the deadline for submitting my timesheet?
Your timesheet is due by 10 am every Monday.

What happens if my timesheet is not approved or I miss the payroll deadline?
Payment will be processed on the next scheduled payroll.

Am I eligible for annual or sick leave?
As a casual employee you are not entitled to paid annual leave or sick leave.

Why do we need to check your Work Rights?
It is a criminal offence under the Migration Act for us to ‘knowingly’ or ‘recklessly’ allow someone to work, or to refer someone for work with another business, if they do not have a legal right to work in Australia.

Pinpoint Talent is lawfully required to cite the workers evidence of their right to work in Australia and will retain a copy of this evidence on file. (This includes the worker’s passport bio-data page and visa label (if one is issued by DIAC), or the visa approval notification (including all dependents). It also can include other approved items to prove Citizenship status such as a valid birth certificate or a Certificate of Citizenship.)

As a recruitment company, Pinpoint Talent is legally obliged to conduct a work rights check for all candidates we represent.